Dear Professional,

Many of us have fixed ideas about the timetable for success. No stops, no mistakes, no failures. Not so in the real world. Most of us find our path, after years of wrong turns.

Ever had a problem that pulled the rug out from under you? Those of us who move ahead are always going to stumble along the way. The only ones who don’t are people who have given up. Ultimately, the difference between winners versus losers and the key to long-term success is our perception and response to setback. Pessimists see it as the end of the road while visionaries view an obstacle as a bend along the way and the price for innovative achievement. Capacity for victory cannot exceed ability to optimistically embrace defeat.

The Mindfulness Approach to Team Leaders’ Training is a powerful tool to effectively meet the challenge of stress brought on by the fast paced Digital Revolution and consequential business uncertainty. Learning this method enables proactive empowerment while in the midst of change. Mindfulness develops the resilience necessary to cope well with disruption, sustain effective problem solving under pressure and come back from failure.

Enable your life to become an example of what is attainable! Choose from any of the seminars or private consults and learn how to turn problems into possibilities and obstacles into opportunities.


Alison Kursh, Ph.D.
Founder, Of Team Leaders Training