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It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to engage in cultivating the practice of interoceptive introspective mindfulness together. Facing the challenges of life and the tenacious automatic habits of the mind, we learn to gently release ourselves from its grip moment by moment, as will be described in the various programs offered.

Each seminar is like a laboratory that allows us to refine and deepen our capacity to learn and grow under the protected conditions that are provided.

By embarking on the Mindfulness Journey, we are assuming an active powerful role in deepening our well-being and effectiveness in life. The most important element of all these seminars is the dormant powerful awareness we already have by virtue of being human. Learning how to inhabit this capacity with a sense of safety is a means by which we can find balance no matter what needs to be managed day to day. Mindfulness is an empowering method of traveling through life. Any challenge we meet can become a fortuitous occasion to discover our capacity of living more effectively while we have the chance.

I wish you all the best on this unfolding adventure of a lifetime!

Alison Kursh


Number Program Title Description Cost
Cultivating Our Breath: The Gateway To Awareness and Proactive Leadership
(Four PDF documents, one per month. Each will be integrated into a customized one hour individual phone consult $400/per hour.  The total package is $1,600)
Program is Currently Full
This seminar series is the first step in using Neuroscience Based Interoceptive Mindfulness Training for leader transformational change.  Through potency of the breath, learn how to harness the power of the mind to rewire and fortify the brain.

Our breathing method seminars, offer an integrated approach adding a polyvagal foundation to leadership training.  By incorporating this theoretical perspective, leaders re-pattern their nervous system, building capacities for emotional stress regulation and create autonomic pathways of calm and resilience.  Through exercises that have been specifically created to engage the regulating capacities of the ventral vagal system, adjustment of sympathetic nervous system “fight or flight” reaction is altered in the service of social affiliative behavior.

This coaching strengthens resolve to wrestle with the omnipresent challenges that must be stared down, if we are to grow in our ability to be a person of influence. Every waking hour has the potential for suddenly triggering a reaction.  Skillfully working with our drives in the context of unexpected provocation is essential. Neuroscience Interoceptive Mindfulness Based  Training for leadership is a powerful method to become acquainted with the unknown, the unthought-of and the unthinkable impulses of the mind.  Intentional attention to the breath is an active approach of coming to terms with its invisible force.  This approach cultivates the ability to awaken from automatic pilot, in order to continue to be leaders who walk the talk of our values no matter what hand we’re dealt.

Session 1: The Dynamic Power To Discover The Mind Through The Breath
Session 2: Using The Breath To Become An Observer Of What Is Being Observed
Session 3: Applying The Conscious Breath to Recognize The Reactive Mind versus the Wise Mind
Session 4: Acquiring Profound Self-Knowledge By Means Of The Mindful Breath to discover:

  • How we breathe is how we are
  • How we breathe is who we are
  • How we breathe is how we relate


Number Program Title Description Cost
Introduction To Intrapersonal Individual Mindfulness Practice
(Five PDF documents, one per month. Each will be integrated into a customized one hour individual phone consult $400/per hour.  The total package is $2,000)
Program is Currently Full
Much of the time, our minds are in a state of unintentional reactivity. We take this for granted and do not question automatic identification with our instinctual drives. Interoceptive introspection teaches us how to intentionally redirect the impulse rather than be directed by it. The breath is used to cultivate a purposeful pause that separates the spontaneous reaction from the stimulus. Mindfulness training strengthens the capacity for behavior to align with leadership values. A differentiation becomes created between the observer and that which is being observed. We can have an emotion, know we have that feeling and know that we know.  Interoceptive introspection enables us to examine the processes by which we think, feel and behave. This advanced capability to watch the mind in operation, cultivates exceptional leadership competence. Learning how to harness a higher level of consciousness provides the choice of responding to provocation with wisdom rather reacting with automatic pilot.

Session 1: Understanding The Meaning And Use of Intrapersonal Mindfulness- learning about ‘reactive mind’
Session 2: Understanding The Meaning And Use of Intrapersonal Mindfulness- learning about ‘wise mind’
Session 3: Becoming acquainted with sensory-perceptual processes occurring inside the body, including conscious awareness of visceral function.
Session 4: Strengthening the domain of leadership ’emotional self-awareness’, including competencies of a) being attuned to inner signals b) insight into feelings and their impact c)foresight about personal situational triggers that compromise performance
Session 5: Fortifying the domain of leadership ‘emotional self-regulation’, including competencies of a)being able to manage normal disruptive impulses and channel them constructively b)flexibility in adapting to inevitable obstacles and corporate ambiguities c)staying clear-headed under stress.




Number Program Title Description Cost
Introduction To Interpersonal Team Mindfulness Practice
(Five PDF documents, one per month. Each will be integrated into a customized one hour individual phone consult $400/per hour.  The total package is $2,000)
Program is Currently Full
Mindful Human Relations Training is a form of executive coaching where participants learn about themselves and the underlying forces that drive team outcome. Study of interactive dynamics is essential in comprehending how to effectively work together. Learning to manage emotional relational undercurrents is at the core of understanding collaboration, commitment, trust, conflict resolution and problem solving. Interpersonal mindfulness training is cultivated to strengthen insight into what happens within us, to us and between us, at successive moments of intentional attentive awareness. How we relate to our feelings affects communication and triggers emotional responses in the team. Cultivating the skill of mindfully listening and speaking, significantly improves interpersonal competence, team efficacy, satisfaction, productivity, and perseverance.

Session 1: Developing Mindful Interpersonal Presence
Session 2: Creating Mindful Interpersonal Attunement
Session 3: Building Mindful Interpersonal Resonance
Session 4: Growing Mindful Interpersonal Trust
Session 5: Integrating Mindful Presence, Attunement, Resonance and Trust To Strengthen The Integrity Necessary To Inspire, Build Bonds, Be A Change Catalyst, Resolve Disagreements And Exponentially Boost Collaboration.


Number Program Title Description Cost
Advanced Mindfulness Of Emotion
(Five PDF documents, one per month. Each will be integrated into a customized one hour individual phone consult $400/per hour.  The total package is $2,000)
Program is Currently Full
By way of Interoceptive introspection, we keep our attention on the breath, unless some other experience distracts us. Often, an emotion will grab the focus. We don’t try to suppress it, or aspire to attaining any particular kind of effect. The practice is simply investigating our relationship to that feeling. Do we cling to it? Are we ashamed of it? Do we tense around it? Can we simply leave it alone? The objective is being aware of what happens to us, in us and how we relate to that mood. Wisdom comes, not from the absence of emotion, but from seeing it clearly. When a feeling becomes compelling enough to make it difficult to stay with the breath, we bring it into the focus of interoceptive introspection. There are several methods of attending to the mindfulness of mood. We will practice: ‘Recognition’, ‘Naming’, ‘Acceptance’, ‘Investigation’ and the option of ‘Not Holding On’ to it. In doing so, non-reactive attention to the emotion, is cultivated. Freedom over our own destiny can only be found in the capacity for choice in how we relate our feelings. $2000
Advanced Mindfulness Of Thoughts
(Five PDF documents, one per month. Each will be integrated into a customized one hour individual phone consult $400/per hour.  The total package is $2,000)
Program is Currently Full
Sometimes people imagine that the point of meditation is to stop thinking and to have a silent mind. This is not the objective. Thoughts are part of life, and mindfulness practice is not supposed to be a struggle against them. The goal is not stopping thoughts as much as overcoming any preoccupation we have with them. In those moments when thinking predominates, mindfulness is the clear and silent awareness of thinking. The objective is to know we are thinking in the present moment and observe we know that. It is the skill of knowing we know, that constitutes wise mind.  The fundamental contribution of interoceptive introspection is understanding our capacity to be and to study being. It involves the ability to awaken from autopilot and be consciously aware of ourselves, if we are to actually become ourselves. In our fast paced society, doing can override being thereby forfeiting our capacity to self-activate the dormant potential we have to effectively exist. $2000





Number Program Title Description Cost
(One hour, One phone session $400)
The interoceptive introspection approach to individual consultation cultivates the preemptive resilient empowerment necessary to effectively cope well with disruption, sustain proficient problem solving under pressure and bounce back from unavoidable obstacles. We develop highly productive resourceful professionals who can successfully work in the most challenging situations, with the most difficult people. Sessions are conducted in a confidential, trusting, supportive and encouraging one-on-one relationship. Consulting objectives are customized according to the specific goals and needs of each executive. Every problem solving session offers practical suggestions to immediately strengthen and improve skills, thereby increasing leadership effectiveness, team efficacy and value to the overall organization. $400