Founded in 1985, Team Leaders Training is a consulting firm dedicated to maximizing leader and team development potential. Our result-based approach is simple to grasp, retain and implement. You can be sure we will deliver dynamic information-packed presentations that won’t be forgotten.

Organizations built to last must have innovative leaders and team members who can deliver on the mission’s promise. Successful companies depend on wise leadership and effective teamwork to strengthen: commitment, cooperation, common mission, shared values and accountability. The discrepancy between the promise of available talent and delivery on their potential raises questions that must be considered. Are learning opportunities being provided to develop the resilient competencies required for sustained success in the “new economy”?

Leadership investigation in the past century has significantly enhanced understanding of workplace performance, specifically emphasizing astute intellect and sharp conceptual thinking.  However, intelligence alone does not make a great leader.

Recent neuroscience has researched the neural basis for exceptional leadership practice.

Despite the great value that business culture places on intellect over affect, the latter is more powerful than the former.  In moments of high visceral stress,  a region of the emotional limbic brain known as the amygdala, acts like radar and commands the rational center in the neocortex.  In these stressful situations, we are likely to find ourselves swept away and hijacked from reason.

Our firm has developed a “Neuroscience Based Interoceptive Mindfulness Training ” program that focuses on leadership development in context of brain physiology.  Through visceral use of the body by way of the breath, we can interrupt strong instinct driven conversation, slow the heart rate, lower the blood pressure and offer an opportunity for proactive rather than reactive decision-making responses.  Consequently there is more time for  emotional impulses to follow the extensive circuitry that goes from the amygdala to the prefrontal area, the brain’s executive center.  This region can veto strong affective  drives and enable leadership interventions to be aligned with corporate values.  Neuroscience Based Interoceptive Mindfulness Training  exponentially strengthens leadership competency by fortifying smooth operation of the prefrontal-limbic circuitry.

Neuroimaging experiments using  MRI or FMRI,  have examined the brain neural substrates of decision-making.  Results demonstrate that this type of mindfulness training enhances neurobiological constructs such as self-awareness and self-management while decreasing susceptibility to unintentional blind spots, thereby strengthening critical decision-making.

Our firm creates blueprints for organizational revitalization, renewal and regeneration.  We explain neuroanatomy of leadership and the neurologic basis for leadership competencies, while providing guidelines that build the associated skill sets.  Teaching neuroplasticity is the empowering route to exceptional performance by training self directed re-wiring of the brain.

Achieving entrepreneurs need to learn how their brain works to better work their brain.

It’s important for promising executives to learn how to regulate emotions, collaborate with and influence each other,  wisely cope with disruption, strengthen relational interpersonal communication under stress, sustain efficacious problem solving under pressure and bounce back from unavoidable obstacles.

Whether a leader, team player or both, our powerful inspirational programs will strengthen your performance, impact and influence. Learn how to transform the individuals from your company into an innovative, robust, effective, and peak-performing team.

Choose from online seminars, workshops, courses, coaching, or private individual teleconference consults  to discover “must have” solutions for outstanding productivity.

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Save years on trial & error learning. Customized training addresses specific client difficulties, while improving skills and promotional potential. Based on years of implementation, our programs have enabled participants to turn professional difficulties into significant opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Valuable action plans are provided with the essential knowledge and methodology necessary to build highly effective leaders and successful teams from the ground up. All training material is included in a summary workbook for long-term reference.

ABOUT OUR CEO: ALISON KURSH is a corporate psychologist, motivational speaker, neuroleadership coach, and team building expert. Her goal is your success. She holds a Ph.D. and has more than 33 years of experience in group dynamics, team development and leadership training. Through entertaining case illustrations, solid principles, and a highly engaging presence, Dr. Alison Kursh makes learning come alive and effectively connects with participants to help fulfill their aspirations.

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