Individual Private Consultations

High performance teamwork is always based on higher performing individuals.

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The 21st century has created a new reality requiring executives to have an unprecedented presence of mind as a starting point from which to lead and be a member of a team. High achievement depends on the ability to effectively work with constant change and innovation. Mindfulness techniques significantly strengthen concentration, clarity, balance and resilience. Interoceptive introspection  powerfully enhances visionary creativity, improves judgment, boosts productivity, and fortifies the capacity to deal effectively under pressure. The methodology teaches how to train the mind in order to gain control and be proactive with it. We can have feelings yet not be had by them.  This skill strengthens integrity and credibility.  Mindful executives are a corporation’s greatest asset. They solve problems, resolve conflict and inspire collaboration.

Our “Neuroscience Based Interoceptive Mindfulness Training approach” to individual consultation develops the preemptive resilient empowerment necessary to effectively cope with disruption, sustain proficient problem solving under pressure and bounce back from unavoidable obstacles. We develop highly productive resourceful professionals who can successfully work in the most challenging situations, with the most difficult people.

Sessions are conducted in a confidential, trusting, supportive and encouraging one-on-one relationship. Consulting objectives are customized according to the specific goals and needs of each executive. Every problem solving appointment offers practical suggestions to immediately strengthen and improve skills, thereby increasing leadership effectiveness, team efficacy and value to the overall organization.

Our time efficient result-based comprehensive programs are developed using proven attitudinal, emotional and behavioral variables that create peak performance. Common self-defeating tendencies that work against assets and generally undermine career advancement are empathically presented, defined and illustrated. With practice and encouragement executives increase confidence and the determination to actualize their potential for career advancement and value for the organization.

Through private sessions, individuals develop keen understanding of their own strengths and limitations. Expertise is highlighted for leverage. Insight into how they unintentionally compromise themselves is respectfully explained. Effective recommendations are provided for change.

Based on years of research and implementation, Mindful Executive Consultation has enabled participants to turn career difficulties into significant opportunities for growth and promotion. By learning hidden causes of unintended ineffectiveness and modifying old self-defeating habitual behavior patterns, new pathways are discovered leading to extraordinary performance.

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