About Us

Our programs offer comprehensive effective seminars on Neuroscience Based Interoceptive Mindfulness Training, Leader Coaching and Team Building. These extensive courses are built on proven principles, strategies and practices. The sessions produce remarkable team members and dynamic leaders.


To provide inspiring innovative seminars that create fully engaged individuals and teams who learn to become more capable of activating their full potential to achieve outstanding and long-lasting results.


We respond to clients’ needs promptly and comprehensively by providing effective solutions that add significant value and meaningful positive change to the complex challenges they face.


We are consistently dependable and continually assess participant requirements to ensure seminar, workshop, course, consult and coaching content is relevant, practical, and useful. Changing client corporate demands drive the planning and development of every program.


Our consultants exemplify the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills we teach by practicing high levels of transformational leadership and team building competence. We embody and demonstrate this training model through the consultation relationship. Mindful in our capacity to remain thoughtfully attentive to clients’ ongoing needs, we bring the kind of receptive, unconditionally accepting and fully engaged presence that results in being empathically attuned to their concerns. Our resonant leadership consultation bond enables the trust necessary to inspire executives to step out of the habitual comfort zone and activate their full potential. Team Leaders Training has an unwavering commitment to develop executive skills and continually research the most effective methodology to meaningfully do so.


We invest resources and time to humanitarian organizations that protect and help children thrive, worldwide.

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